Retina Consultants of Charleston has 2000 square feet of space dedicated to research and clinical trials. Our cutting edge technology allows us to be part of the most advanced retina trials worldwide. Our equipment consists of a Cirrus and Stratus OCT, two digital high definition fundus and fluorescein angiography cameras, a fundus autofluorescence (FAF) Heidelberg camera (Spectralis HRA+OCT), a Humphrey visual field, an ETDRS chart, a low luminance chart and a reading chart with light box and trial lenses. In the clinical trials area, a dedicated space for clinical trial documents and source binders is available in a locked area. A monitored temperature drug refrigerator and a blood sample freezer is also located in a locked area and is used exclusively for clinical trials.
Our study monitors have complete access to all the clinical trials documents and study patients’ charts in a secure and quiet area.  Wi-Fi, laptop computers and a copy-fax machine are available for monitors, making for a perfect space where they can work by themselves or in the company of the study coordinator without interruptions.